OnDemand Storage Ship to School Program

What is Ship to School?
The OnDemand Storage Ship to School program gives students and their families the opportunity to make moving into school less stressful by shipping belongings to our warehouse locations ahead of time. Once we receive your packages we’ll store them in our secure warehouse and then deliver them to your Residence Hall or apartment on the selected date and time. No more long rides in a packed car or paying absurd fees for extra luggage on planes. Just ship to ODS and your packages will meet you at your room!

How Do I Sign Up?
Easy! Fill out the information in the form. Once you select your delivery date and drop off time you’ll be asked for a card on file. Please note this card will only be charged once we receive your packages! Then send your packages to us through any major shipping provider. We suggest FedEx, UPS, or DHL, but we will accept packages from any provider.

How Much Does it Cost?
Packages under 40lbs cost $30, while packages over 40lbs cost $50 for handling. Deliveries to campus cost $20, while off campus deliveries are $30. Please call us at: 1.855.216.6617 if you have any questions!

Register Now!

Shipping to: (Our Location)

Delivery Address

Where are we bringing your packages?
Please fill out the information so we know where to bring your packages. If you live in a Residence Hall please only put Residence Hall Name & Room #. If you live off campus please provide your full address. Entering your card information reserves your appointment and there will be $1.00 charge until your packages have been accepted.

Please select the AM or PM window for delivery of your packages. Once we have received all packages we can then plan our delivery route. We will call you 24-48hrs before delivery to confirm a 1hr window. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make you wait around all day for us!
Important Information:
  1. Make sure you receive a tracking no. from your shipping service. That way you’ll know when ODS receives your packages!
  2. Add these labels to the top left corner of your packages so ODS can easily identify them as your package. This way we can get you your packages in an organized, timely fashion.

*We will call you 24-48hrs before delivery with exact delivery time*